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The month of December- The snow did not fall here, neither the spirits of amateur animators from all over India who came to witness the one fabulous event on their journey to almost the center of India in a place which is also known as the Queen of Deccan, Pune. The animation event which I’m vaguely talking about is the Animation Marathon 2011 which took place at the much bigger event venue of animation education moguls SupinFocom, a French animation college collaborating with India’s one of the biggest builders, DSK. So, leaving all the introductions aside, let me cover all the topics about DSK SupinFocom, Animation Marathon 2011, CGTantra, Supinfomania, Gaming Event by GameKshetra, the Shankar Ishan Loy concert, the24 FPS event, my 12 days of completely unplanned journey and some white air dancing balloons. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Well it is.. 

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